Telemedicine in Texas

Recognizing the role that telemedicine can play in increasing access to health care for underserved populations,THIN has established an initiative with the goal of catalyzing the increased use of telemedicine to improve population health and increase health equity in Texas.

The first phase of this initiative had three objectives:

Objective 1: Document current utilization of telemedicine by academic health systems and other major providers in Texas.

Objective 2: Identify state-level factors that impact the optimal adoption of telemedicine, particularly for reaching underserved populations.

Objective 3: Recommend strategies to facilitate adoption and effective utilization of telemedicine.

To achieve these objectives, the THIN telemedicine workgroup will:

  1. Obtain and analyze data on telemedicine claims and denials from major providers of telemedicine services in Texas;

  2. Identify factors other than reimbursement impacting the adoption of telemedicine in Texas, including broadband access, start-up issues, and regulatory and legal issues, via a series of expert panel meetings;

  3. Generate and disseminate reports summarizing findings and recommendations;

  4. Facilitate resolution of identified issues.

Data collection launched in July 2018, meetings with expert panels were held in August 2018; the report on findings and recommendations was released in October 2018. Next steps are to select 1-2 priority recommendations from the report for focused action.