THIN produces a variety of reports, recommendations, and analyses as part of its broader mission to improve health for Texans.



Catalyzing Adoption of Telemedicine for Population Health and Health Equity in Texas

This report summarizes key issues identified through from a 2 day stakeholder meeting and provides a set of recommendations for policy makers and others committed to increasing adoption of telemedicine in Texas.

Texas Health Improvement Network Interim Charge Suggestions for 86th Legislature

With guidance from its 24–member Advisory Council, THIN developed a set of interim charges recommendations for the 86th Texas Legislature.

Partnering on a Joint Community Health Needs Assessment in Williamson County: Process and Lessons Learned

This report documents the coordinated effort of a local health department and three non-profit hospitals serving the same region to conduct a joint Community Health Needs Assessment.

Facilitating Use of Data to Drive Population Health in Texas

This report highlights issues and provides recommendations for policy makers and others committed to the responsible use of data resources for health improvement in Texas.