Proposed Interim Charges

During the interim between each legislative session, the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House issue charges to committees to study key issues, research information, and hold public hearings. In consultation with its Advisory Council, THIN has developed a set of
interim charges for consideration by the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker:

  1. Develop recommendations to modify state rules and policies to improve state agencies’ and academic/health institutions’ access to high-value data in order to guide and improve population health initiatives.

  2. Identify and describe barriers faced by the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and the Employees Retirement System (ERS) to expanding targeted investments in disease prevention.

  3. Identify programs that have demonstrated a reduction in Medicaid health care expenditures through a prevention approach, particularly programs that address social factors that influence health.

  4. Identify the impact and potential opportunities resulting from federal changes in the Medicaid program.

  5. Identify and study barriers and opportunities to improving health and health care in rural Texas.

These suggested charges, which are described and contextualized in greater detail in this report, are intended to advance what we believe are key opportunities for improving the health and health care of Texans in a strategic and fiscally responsible manner.